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Tightening the knot will dim the lamp until it shuts off completely.


Pinching the cord temporarily pauses the music.


A clamp attached to the computer's power cord will put it to sleep.


Kinking the cord will on/off toggle the power.


Tugging the cord will safe-eject the hard drive.

Cord UIs


– tangible, interface, interactive, ubiquitous

Cord UIs are sensorial augmented cords that allow for simple metaphor-rich interactions to interface with their connected devices.

We use cords as input devices and explore different interactions like tying knots, stretching, pinching and kinking to control the flow of data and/or power. We also look at ways to use objects in combination with augmented cords to manipulate data or properties of a device.

The presented interactions lend strongly from the metaphor of regarding the cord as a water hose and the electricity and data as water flowing in that hose.


Philipp Schoessler (Tangible Media Group) Sang-won Leigh (Fluid Interfaces Group)


Cord UIs: Controlling Devices with Augmented Cables

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