Philipp Schoessler

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Philipp is a multidisciplinary Interaction Designer/Engineer and currently working for Samsung Research’s Think Tank Team. He holds a M.A. from the Berlin University of the Arts and a M.S. from the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. He worked for companies such as ART+COM, Disney Research, and WHITEvoid. He is adept in many Engineering and Design innovation fields and possesses a particular strength for devising creative problem solutions.


since 2015
Senior Research Engineer
Think Tank Team (Samsung Research)

Interaction Designer

2011 - 2012
Research Associate
Disney Research Pittsburgh

Freelance Interaction Designer
WHITEvoid Interactive Art and Design

Interface Designer (Intern)
exozet interact


2013 - 2015
M.S. from the MIT Media Lab's Tangible Media Group

Diplom (~MA), graduated with high distinction, Digitale Klasse
Berlin University of the Arts (UdK)

Art and Technology
School of the Art Institute Chicago

2007 - 2012
Visual Communication (Digital Media and Interaction Design)
Berlin University of the Arts


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Identifying Device Associated With Touch Event (US20160259451A1) (2016)

Electromagnetic Interference Signal Detection (US20160259432A1) (2016)

Processing Electromagnetic Interference Signal Using Machine Learning (US20160261268A1) (2016)

User interactive living organisms (US20130221996A1) (2012)


Cord UIs: Fast Company Innovation by Design Award 2015 Winner (Student)

THAW: Fast Company Innovation by Design Award 2015 Finalist (Experimental)

TRANSFORM: A'Design Award Platinum 2015

TRANSFORM: Interaction Awards (IxDA) Shortlist 2015

THAW on GIZMODO: The 7 Most Important UI and UX Ideas of 2014

TRANSFORM on GIZMODO: The 7 Most Important UI and UX Ideas of 2014

THAW: UIST 2014 People’s Choice Best Demo Honorable Mention (2014)

Botanicus Interacticus: F.I.T.C. 2013 Awards Finalist

Botanicus Interacticus: 1st Prize Nokia Ubimedia Mindtrek Award (2012)


inFORM at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum New York (2014 - 2015)

TRANSFORM at Milano Design Week Italy (2014)

Botanicus Interacticus at International Design Biennale, Saint-Etienne (2013)

Botanicus Interacticus at SIGGRAPH (2012)


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Botanicus Interacticus

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